Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A visit from Maj and Jack!

I was able to be "on-call" for work last night, and had the good fortune of not being called in to work. Sometimes we all need to have a little "break" like that, and this one was well timed to coincide with my day off of work this week (two nights off in a row - yea!). Dean and I had talked about what we would do today (hardware store trip, Sam's Club trip, breakfast at Colonial Cafe, etc.) - nothing to really blog about, per se. My sister, Maj, called this morning and said that she'd like to stop by to visit this afternoon sometime - so we had a visitor to look forward to! After our shopping trip we came home and got busy doing things here. Laundry was finished, the first coat of sealer is put on the new slate tiles (we discovered that you have to seal them before they can be grouted - so the sealing is done), and we were busily cleaning the house when Maj, and her faithful adolescent Golden Retriever, Jack, arrived! Maj adopted Jack in May (he was born in March) as a little bundle of yellow fluff. He helped Maj and I in our renovation of the sun room (sleeping through the saws, the pounding of nails, and the vacuum cleaner buzzing by his head). He was little then, so we would attach his leash to the base of the dining room table and that would keep him from chasing the cats and having "accidents" in the house. I dare say, he would probably drag that table from room to room now! He's really growing fast, and is becoming quite the handsome fellow! When they came through the door the cats scattered! Sugar Pants was the only brave one, coming out to look at Jack from across the room! It was nice to have Maj here for a visit. We (the three of us) sat in the living room - enjoying some political discussions and catching up on what's been happening. Maj hasn't been to visit lately, so we also got the chance to show off the latest house projects and changes. She really appreciates the work that goes into a older house, as she has actively renovated two old farm houses in the past. She especially liked the new faucet in the kitchen, and the new hearth. After she and Jack left, the cats all reemerged - much like the munchkins coming out from their hiding places - to see "if the dog is really gone".

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Shannon & Alex said...

those babies grow so fast! Awww. Were you all discussing McCain's blow up sex doll VP?