Monday, September 15, 2008

Last of the Flood...

The river is down a good foot from yesterday, so I think it will quickly drop back to reasonable levels. Unfortunately most all of our neighbors have flooded basements. We don't have a basement, so one less thing to worry about. All this stuff about rain and flooding is getting boring, so I pledge this is my last posting that deals with flooding!

But till next time, I know a lot of you can't visualize how close the river is to our house, especially now with it running a couple feet high. Well this picture shows what we see outside our sunroom window. At it's peak height, the edge of the Fox came to about 20 feet of the house. Likely still a foot or two vertically to reach the foundation, but still uncomfortably close. The scary thing is that it came up so fast - really, just a day's rain, though 6" or 8" is a lot in anyone's book (nearly a year's worth in Tucson!).

We mentioned a post or two ago about the last time the river left it's banks in June. We had fish trapped in our yard's low spot and herons going for the easy catch. Sure enough, we've spotted a few big fish in the yard already, though they may not be trapped yet... And this morning I caught a heron walking thru looking at the crop, though by the time I got out my scope, I only caught his backside as he headed for the basketball court.

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