Monday, January 26, 2009

Pardon our dust....

While Dean has been doing most of the posting lately, I have been "getting ready" for my upcoming entry! Dean alluded to the home improvement project underway here, and that will be further illustrated very soon. To give you an idea of what we're doing it goes something like this:
1. Remove popcorn from ceilings in entry and long hallway.
2. Clean up mess from removing popcorn (why do they put that stuff up???)
3. Wash walls and trim.
4. Spackle, spackle, and then more spackle.
5. Drywall mud - the ceiling where the drywall paper came off, and any cracks and divots in the walls.
6. Sand the ceilings and walls where needed...and clean up the mess after.
7. Fix any spots you find that you didn't fix before.
8. Sand those spots when dry.
9. Put a coat of primer over walls and ceilings.
10. Paint the ceiling white.
11. Paint the walls 'Pale Butter'.
12. Paint the trim 'Ultra White'.
13. Remove old light fixtures and donate to the local thrift store.
14. Install new track lighting to form a gallery appearance.
15. Choose artwork/photographs for the new gallery.
16. Frame and hang artwork.
17. Go out for a beer.

We are currently between step 7 and 8 - so we're just about ready to start with the primer! Yea! Remodeling/redecorating is never easy. It's always more work than you thought it would be, more expensive than you projected it to be, and takes twice as long as any TV show will illustrate. The pay off is still the best part - knowing that you did it yourself, you did it right, and are happy with the results!

So, while there are no pictures for my entry today - there will be pictures coming very soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dean and Melinda! I love reading your blog and all the projects you have going on- it let's me know what you can come help me with at my house! Thanks again for helping with the dryer and for Dexter. It's great seeing pics of the kitties and hearing what's new with you. ~Ewica