Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cute Kitties

We are demonstrating blogging to a friend of ours, so are going to do a short post about our cute kitties. I came home late this afternoon, fortunately with my camera, and caught Sugarpants outside the "cat proof fence"! Even when our cats get out they know better than to stray very far, and the reason we try to keep them in is for their own safety. But anyway, he was looking very serene and regal and relaxed, but definitely outside the zone where he was allowed! It wasn't long and he came in the rear of the house, so he was home in time for dinner...

Today, one of Melinda's accomplishments was to replace the carpet remnant that was in our living room. About the time I got home, she had just rolled it up and placed it out the back door, and it wasn't 5 minutes later when Annie had crawled down the full length of it and appeared with just her head and shoulders sticking out! What a pretty girl! You can tell we dote on our cats, right?

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