Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Annie Report...

Melinda mentioned yesterday that Annie went to the vet for some dental work. I felt like a lil' dentist buddy since I had a morning cleaning too after dropping her off. While my appointment went fine, Annie had a little more than "Kittie Breath" - Dr. D extracted 6 teeth (with a $500 vet bill)! She didn't have much to say on the ride home (she is normally quite the talker), so I don't think she felt too perky. She mostly stayed by herself outside in the yard into the evening. Melinda went off to work at 1830 and at 2000, when I was supposed to give her some food and start her meds, she had wandered in to watch the fish and didn't struggle too hard against 2 of the 3 liquid meds she'll be getting. And she did clean her food bowl, so I think she will be fine. Like most things you do for your pet's benefit, she will be feeling better soon!

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