Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ketelsen West remodel....continued!

Now that we've all recovered from viewing the pictures of my colon (I can't believe I agreed to Dean posting those - the power of sedation, no doubt!)! I'm hoping we didn't lose any of our regular readers, as well as those who stop by to see what we're up to recently!

After many days of prep work, we started the painting portion of the Tucson redo today! I started with a partially peeling popcorn ceiling, that I removed. After letting the ceiling (bare drywall, mostly) dry we were able to startthe repair work. Every little scuff, nail hole, and crack needed to be filled. We had the old thermostat on the wall which I removed, and the subsequent hole to repair. Years of wear and tear can be brutal to drywall. It just takes time and patience to fix those areas and get a nice smooth surface. After sanding all of the spackle and drywall mud the other day, I did more repairs and finished sanding those areas this morning when I got home from work. Before putting finish coats of paint on ceilings or walls that have been patched, it's really necessary to put on a good coat of primer. That's even more true when painting a ceiling that was mostly bare drywall. Without primer the finish coat just soaks in, and you end up using way more paint than you really need to. So, today was "Primer Saturday"! Our housemate, Jason (a student who lives with us and takes care of the house and the cats when we are not available), was ready to start painting at 8:30am! He did the ceiling, Dean did all of the 'cut work' (painting around the edges, painting around the trim, brushing where the rollers weren't going to work), and I started on the walls. With in a couple of hours we had primed the hallways (walls and ceilings)! That was my goal for the day, as I worked last night and knew I would have to get some sleep. It's really exciting to see the transition to smooth white walls! If they had put 1 ounce less of paint in that gallon of primer, we would have run out - as it was, we used one entire gallon and got a great base to now be able to move onto the next phase. While we could have, probably, knocked out the rest of the painting this evening; it can wait another day or so.


Shannon said...

Holy cow, what a difference!! I'm ready to start scraping our ceilings now.

Shannon said...

A blog from you summer quarters that I ran across (don't ask me how. I forget these things):