Monday, January 5, 2009

Kitty updates

The other night we were out to dinner with our friends before attending the monthly TAAA meeting. Our friend, Liz (a daily visitor to our blog), brought to our attention that we haven't said anything about the kitties lately! It occurred to me that while we have talked about them from time to time, we have never really shown pictures of all our brood. After 'much searching' I was able to get their pictures organized and ready for viewing.

As for updates: there isn't much in the line of hissing anymore - no more than is expected, anyway. The two St. Charles kitties have found their niche within the group, having favorite places to sleep and eat. Annie continues to be the most talkative of the crew, and at times she really 'tells us a story'! She has been in need of some dental work, and will be going to the Vet to see Dr D (Dr Kayomee Daroowalla) tomorrow morning. She's not going to be happy, but it's work that needs to be done. Atticus, always the 'messy' one, has some killer mats that need to be attended to. He will give about 2 minutes of time to letting me cut the mats out, then he's off and running! The 7 Tucson kitties are doing great! Pixel seems to be getting along well enough with the St. Charles kitties. I don't think they know that they're supposed to be afraid of him. Lance, the shy boy, has let me pet him and even hold him from time to time. That's pretty amazing for him! I felt really badly for him, as he won't come in from the garage even when it's terribly cold outside. We had a warming throw in the closet that we put out in the garage, on the seat where Lance likes to sleep. We set it on a low temperature, and he really seems to like it! I feel better about him being in the garage now. Marley, Hannah, Hootie, and Sugar Pants make sure that we stay warm when we're watching TV - snuggling up on our laps for a nap during that time. Mia continues to defy the 'cat proof fence'. She could win at "Kitty Gymnastics", the way she climbs the trellis, then the tree, then leaps over the fence and balances on top of the pickets! She always comes home, though, and that's what's important. So, there you have the update on the latest with the Ketelsen brood!

Other news of interest here at the casa are: the clothes dryer was overheating the other day. Today was the first day that Dean was able to investigate the cause. After taking it apart, he found two shell casings (gun shell - Jason, our boarder likes to shoot), and .53 cents rolling around in the coils! All of that removed, the dryer is working as good as new now! My hero!!!

I'm back to work tonight, for two nights. I get spoiled being off of work! We are planning a trip to New Mexico later in the week to meet up with our friends from Dodgeville, WI - David and Joan. They are visiting some property they own there, and are not more than 100 miles from us at the moment. It will be good to see them!

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