Thursday, April 16, 2009

A new computer and parties to attend...

No pics today, sorry to say! I'll have to procure some from Dean, or get out and take some to put on here. While my usual HP workhorse of a laptop has loads o' pictures on bit the dust two days ago. Yesterday was spent seeking out diagnostics, and dare I hope, easy repair??? Is there such a thing for a computer? After trips to two places, it was confirmed - my hard drive was damaged by "unknown causes". While it would be possible to put a new hard drive in, reload Windows, and then pay someone $100 for each GB of files rescued - all for a 5 year old laptop; I decided that it might be best if I moved forward and purchase a new machine. That took us on a shopping excursion to Sam's (best deals around on computers, if you didn't know!). A few hours later we were unpacking my slick new HP laptop, complete with lots of GB's, a built in webcam and microphone (!), and .... Microsoft Vista. This is pushing my learning curve to the max. As our live in student, Jason, says "It's just a prettier version of XP - trying to look more like Apple." It's a challenge, I'll say that! I am getting used to it, but it will take a while - not to mention figuring out the ins and outs of the machine itself. It does have a lot of features that I like. Even though Dean's laptop is only slightly newer than my previous one, his has a lot of features that I didn't have on mine. I especially like having a port to put a camera card in, for ease of transfer of pictures. Nice touch!

Parties! Yea!!! We love parties!!! This week will bring two, maybe three! This evening is the U of A retirement dinner in one of the ballrooms at the Student Union. Dean missed out on going last year, so we were delighted to receive an invitation to this years dinner! The invitation states "Business attire". Dean said he would wear shorts and a t-shirt, as that is what he has worn to work (to do his business) for the past 24 years! He was trying on dress shirts tonight though, so I guess the tie dye and shorts will stay at home this time. Also, this afternoon is the reception that the U is giving our friend, Jane, on her retirement after 30+ years. We aren't sure if we will make it to that event or not, though we wouldn't think of missing her retirement party given by her friends on Saturday! Somewhere in all of the fun I will have to fit in a night of work. But I won't let that deter us from enjoying our soirees!

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