Friday, April 24, 2009

A Distraction On The Way To Work...

Heading in to work this morning, I had a brake-screeching moment as I passed neighbor Jack and Delia's house. I've mentioned them the last couple days - he and his sons run a landscaping business and he was showing me some of his blooming and about-to-bloom cacti a few days ago. He was long gone to work this morning at 7:45am when I happened by, but this cactus was hard to miss - literally covered with 15cm (6") blooms. After a chat yesterday, he was trying to tell me what kind of cacti they are - I believe they are all Cereus - which also explains their night time activity - they tend to be night bloomers. In any event these flowers were quite incredible, with one branch containing 6 of them, and the entire plant with 11 today! Yesterday there were white flowers, he had an identical-looking one in back of the house with yellow, and today these pink ones. There was a lot of bee activity, they likely know in advance to stick around Jack's place!

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