Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back to the project at hand...

It seems that we had a big rush on getting things done around here in early March (in preparation for Carolyn's visit), but since then we've been 'taking it easy'. I know my pattern, I can live with chaos and unfinished projects, but only for so long. Then I hit a "I've got to get this done - I'm sick of this mess!" stage and get back to work. I hit that stage this week, though it was complicated by having to go to class on Monday afternoon, and then work on Monday night. That means that Tuesday was a total wash....must have sleep!

Today, however, I woke up ready to get back into the bathroom ceiling project! We left off with it being mudded with drywall mud, to repair the gypsum exposed area left with the scrapping and stripping of the termite damaged areas. Those areas extended from the ceiling down into areas of wall above the shower tile, as well as the wall above the toilet. I wasn't looking forward to sanding it smooth, thus the procrastination on my part. When I sanded the ceiling in the guest bath it was like being continually hit in the face with loose flour, as the mud dust cascaded down. Not fun, and it really can't be good for one to be inhaling that dust. That sent me to the local Ace Hardware to pick up a dust filtering mask. While it was hot wearing the mask, it was so nice to not be breathing that stuff in while I was working! The sanding was punctuated with multiple rest breaks - but eventually it was done. I tried to put off painting the primer/sealer coat (Kilz), but Dean convinced me it would be better to get that part done today too, while it was dry in the bathroom (before showers steam it up again). Painting was a breeze after doing all of the sanding! Mind you, I only have the Kilz coat on in the areas that were repaired, no finish coats yet. I like the result so far though! I'm still trying to figure out what color to paint the bathroom (the light green colored accessories are temporary until decisions are made). Our goal is to put in colorful Mexican tile, new sink, etc. The project continues, though this repair work was a major hurdle. I'm glad this part is behind me!

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