Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday recovery

It has been a busy past several days. The retirement parties, remember? Last Thursday we weren't able to make it to Jane's retirement reception from her department (Dean has a cold that was/is kicking his butt these days); but we did attend the 'official' retirement dinner that evening. Dean and Jane were both retirees in the past year, so it was a nice celebration for all of the 2008/2009 retirees. Jane didn't stay for the dinner (continuation of the day party was going on at her house), but was there for pictures, salad, a glass of wine, and received her gift. Dean and I stayed for the dinner, which was quite good, and the presentation of gifts. All of the years of service, represented that evening, added up to over well over 1000! In addition to the gifts, they had a raffle drawing. Dean won two tickets to a dance presentation. We need to call to reserve our seats for that (reminder to self).

Jane was disappointed that we hadn't made it to her party Thursday, but I went over to have coffee with her on Friday morning. Ron, her honey, was in town for all of the festivities so it was good to see him, and even more exciting was being able to see Jane's son, Matt, and his wife Carla! Matt has been in the Army for the past 5 years, and has recently arrived home (safely) from his second tour in Iraq. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about how fortunate we all are to have Matt home safely! His wife, Carla, is a little slip of a thing, and cute as a button. She stayed in Tucson while Matt was in Iraq, but then met him in Texas, on his arrival back to the US. They are here only for a short time, then will have to return to Texas until Matt's discharge in the fall. They will return to Tucson after his discharge.

Saturday's party for Jane was held at her friend, Melissa's, house. She lives in the foothills, near Sabino Canyon. There were lots of friends there, including the fellow who introduced Jane to Ron. It was a great party! Several people shared stories about Jane, from her early days in Tucson, when Matt was a baby, and I was able to share stories from when we were in Junior High together. Matt and Carla brought Carla's mom, Maria, with them to the party also. That was our first time meeting her. She and Jane have become friends as well as in-laws. It was a fun evening for all!

Sunday we relaxed, went to the movies (we saw "Sunshine Cleaning", which we enjoyed). His cold is still really getting him down, and he was up most of the night - coughing. He's home today, and hopefully will benefit from the nap he's taking right now.

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