Thursday, March 11, 2010

No Place Like Home!

While Jason took great care of the cats while we were gone, it is obvious that they were glad we were home! When I got up this morning the evidence was apparent as I fought my way out from under the covers. Of our 10 indoor cats, rarely do you see 6 of them on the bed at one time! The new queen size bed we just installed in St Charles seemed roomy compared to the king size with all the cats in Tucson! But we wouldn't have it any other way, in fact, it was certainly the best night's sleep I've had since we left a week ago... As the saying goes, a house without a cat is not a home!

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David A. Harvey said...

My eyes are watering just lookin' at this one! I own a cat (Cuddles - or rather he owns me - but he's not allowed in our bedroom) and as you say - a house without a cat is not a home - but 10! Holy furball felix! They better be good mousers!