Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday Girl!

Today was Melinda's birthday. Unfortunately, she had to leave for work at 7am for a "competency demonstration" at work. It was only for a half day, then one of her workmates took her to lunch at Tucson's newest eatery - The Cheesecake Factory! About the time I got back from my half day at the Mirror Lab, she returned, and got to open her six or eight birthday cards she got in the mail today. Of course, she also got to talk to sisters Maj and Susan in Chicago, and her sis-in-law Marsha in Omaha. And tonight, we met friends at local pub/restaurant Old Chicago. Interestingly, though full of Windy City memorabilia, there are no Old Chicagos in the city of Chicago. Liz and John got her some star earrings, and earlier, she was surprised to get a "bouquet" of chocolate dipped strawberries from former landlady and current St Charles neighbor Elaine! With all the eating out, we're temporarily off the diet recommendations that Maj gave us a week ago, but we'll be better tomorrow. She made out pretty well this birthday, I'd almost bet she wishes they came more than once per year!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Missy! Glad to see it was grand!