Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Information!

I wondered aloud in our last post that I didn't know whether the Canada Geese I saw last night and this morning were from the local population, or if they were migrating northward. This afternoon, shortly before sunset I went out into the yard with a telephoto to see what was happening. Well, I heard geese calling in the south and a minute or two later, this huge formation came flying over heading, appropriately enough, due north (following the Fox River). There had to be at least 50 or more in the group, and since I've never seen the locals flying a: in groups that large, or b: in the migratory "V" formation, I've concluded the geese we are seeing are definitely migratory.

Minutes earlier, when I first left the house, I noticed some motion near the north edge of the Riverwoods Christian Center development (where we live). I happened to notice a deer, then 2 more, and eventually the whole group of seven came into view. I never got very close, perhaps 200 meters or more, and they were pretty cautious even when I took a few steps in their direction. They are white-tailed deer, I could tell from their white flag of a tail which they hold up as they flee (the underside of the tail is white). I saw few signs of deer at Tekakwitha this morning, and was wondering about the local population. It is apparent that they are doing fine!

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Susan said...

Very nice. See you tomorrow. Tell the deer to hang around.