Friday, March 26, 2010

Bloomin' Hedgehogs!

I'd been talking about taking Melinda to B&B Cactus Farms on the east side of Tucson for a while now. Today our schedule magically cleared, so we drove across town to their location on the far east end of Speedway. I thought it was way too early for the cacti to bloom, but boy, was I wrong! From the wagon next to the entrance sign all through the greenhouses and grounds, the place was ablaze with color. I recall an early visit 20 years or more ago, and remember a large place with lots of variety, and we were rewarded with an astounding display of diversity in more than 6 greenhouses and several acres of grounds. It is almost a tourist destination - we just wandered for an hour taking photos, never hassled by the staff, yet they were around if we had needed anything. Sorry I don't know the names of all the cacti shown here - I'm not an expert by any stretch, and not all were labelled. Their website through the link above references a customer's website where many species are named - the best I an do for now. If you are in Tucson, definitely worth a trip for the flowers, if not additions to your xeriscape (dry landscape) gardening. As for us, I can see another visit in the nearer future (not waiting another 20 years!), and likely dropping some money next trip!

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David A. Harvey said...

Perdy! Never heard of this place - have to check them out!