Saturday, September 12, 2009

My famous husband!

Yesterday in the mail we received a copy of the October issue of the magazine Cowboys & Indians. It's self described as "The Premier Magazine of the West". While we are not subscribers to this magazine, our sister-in-law sent a copy with a note on the back - "This is so exciting! My famous brother-in-law!" What is this all about, you ask??? Rewind to July, when we were traveling in Texas. While in Dallas, Dean received an email (copied to him from the Tucson astronomy club) that Cowboys & Indians had contacted them, asking to use one of Dean's pictures in their October issue! He quickly responded to the contact from the magazine and things were in the works to get them the picture that they wanted. He also sent other images for their consideration. The final tally being two pictures chosen. While we were not familiar with the magazine, sister-in-law Susan accurately described it as a Town & County for the Rancher set. As mentioned before, yesterday we received a copy in the mail from Susan. It's 178 glossy pages, mostly of fashion, jewelry, expensive home furnishings, and very fancy cowboy boots; but pages 120-125 is dedicated to "Western Stargazing" and features two of Dean's spectacular photos, along with images from other photographers. Interestingly, the picture that they were adamant about using is not the picture that they open the article with. Hmm. At any rate, they do give Dean credit (in little tiny letters) along side the pictures! Also, noted in the online version of the article, they didn't credit the pictures correctly. If you checkout the article, Dean's pictures are the two full sky (with the Grand Canyon Star Party going on below) photos. While Dean is not typically one to "blow his own horn", we'll be saving this magazine for posterity!

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Shannon and Alex said...

I got my very own copy yesterday after Susan told me!! And told everybody in the line and at the register "My uncle's pictures are in here!" I hope you got a big ol' check!! That magazine can afford to give you some BIG BUCKS.