Monday, September 21, 2009

The Johnson Sisters at Work!

After a weekend of socializing with family and friends, it was time to get back to business on the "homework"! Maj (Mary Alice Johnson) has done a huge amount of work in our absence, and with us as her helpers, we got an early start this morning.

The first order of business today was to finish the bedroom ceiling work with the beadboard. With Melinda on miter saw and Maj on nail gun, they were a sight to behold! They finished that task in time for a late lunch, and they are out on a shopping trip now to get some drywall to finish off the walls. I suspect the walls will be mud-ready by the end of the day and we'll be ready to paint before you know it.

And me? What was my job? Well, they didn't let me around the power tools, that is for sure - I got "Tom Sawyered" into finishing the glazing work on the windows. Yes, a necessary job, but not a lot of fun. They claim I do a good job, so I finished that while they handled the macho jobs today!

(Needless to say, Dean needs to post a new entry to show pictures of what we were able to accomplish today!...and he DOES do a great job with the glazing!!)

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