Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Latest Home Improvement Projects

Now that Melinda has a taste of tiling in her blood, we are racing forward with similar projects. Just last week she took hammer and chisel to the guest bathroom. We finally got sick of what could generously be called a pinky-fleshy color and got it down with some difficulty. The cement board backer stayed firmly attached to the drywall, which varied in quality, so we caved and contacted a contractor who will remove drywall and backer board, and install and mud a new set ready for us to set tile against. That will happen on Wednesday of this next week.

We have visions of Mexican Talavera tile through the entire bathroom, and have been shopping through Tucson for selection and pricing. Melinda likes the busier patterns, while I prefer the solids with accents of patterned tiles. I don't care a lot, though, so she can do what she likes! There are a few stores in town with fired ceramic sink basins, and even toilets, but I think we'll stop at walls and perhaps a basin...

And while waiting for the contractor next week, Melinda wanted to dabble, so tiled the little entry to the house between security door and entrance. She used the leftovers from the bathroom floor, and ended up with only 1 - 6" square left, so did very well! She also wants a border of Talavera under the rim of blue tile, but ran out of mastic, so will have to wait a day. Then late tomorrow comes the familiar routine of sealing grouting and sealing again... Stay tuned for more of the transformation!

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