Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meanwhile...back in Illinois...

Dean and I are back in Illinois for a nice vacation! This will be a 'working' vacation, but it will be fun! We flew in, this time, rather than the extended road trip. Sometimes it's just nice to get where you're going.

When we last were here we finished 'gutting' the soon to be master bedroom. This was, formerly, the guest room. We decided to turn it into our room due to size and proximity to the bathroom. My sister had already done the majority of the work, including having the carpenters come in and reinforce the ceiling joists. We re-wired the room when we were here in July, in preparation of the carpenters coming back to move a wall - giving us a bigger room. That has been done and my sister has been busy working on getting the ceiling and walls done! We will finish this task during this trip, and may even get to sleep in our new bedroom (one night maybe) before returning to Tucson! I'm also including pictures of some of the other rooms, as many of you haven't been to our little nest in the woods. The living room is the only room that hasn't had to be "done". The kitchen was the "just after moving in" project, the sunroom was Fall and Spring of 2007/2008. The new master bedroom and the storage room are the 2009 project. At this rate, we should "finish" the house somewhere around 2011 or 2012! If you are feeling so inclined to come visit while we have construction in progress, come on! Bring your work clothes though! We can always use the extra pair of hands!

We will be here for two weeks, and we'll post 'during' and 'after' pictures of the work in progress! Dean will also be posting wonderful pictures of the flora and fauna of the area. He was out walking in the woods, taking pictures, already this morning. There is so much to love here, and this is the perfect time to be in the midwest. You just can't beat the crisp, clear, early autumn days and cool nights!

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