Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vacations go too quickly!

The saying goes..."time flies when you're having fun"...and that can't be truer than the past 5 days with Carolyn visiting! Sadly, she left today, but promises that she will return next winter - before March (escape the frigid January or February weather in sunny Tucson, AZ!).

We didn't squander a bit of time on her last full day here. Destination: Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. For those who have been there, it's in the "must do" column of places to take guests in Tucson. For those considering a trip here (either to visit us - or just on vacation), put it on your list of places to see. It's a museum/zoo/nature center/walk through the desert - all of those things rolled into one! Not to mention the incredible view from the terrace (you can see all of the way to Mexico)!

One of the more unique features of the ASDM is that they have the only successful hummingbird aviary in the US. It's outstanding, and quite an experience to stroll through (or take a quiet break on a bench) and have hummingbirds whizzing past your head, or flitting under your bench near your feet!

They also have a wonderful free flight bird program which includes a variety of birds. Carolyn is a little nervous around birds, though the hummingbirds didn't bother her. The Chihuahua Raven made her a little nervous, as did the Ferruginous Hawk that was flying over our heads during the program.

The grounds of the ASDM are a spectacular example of the living desert, complete with every example of desert vegetation. It gave us a chance to get up close and personal with the different varieties of cacti, as well as enjoy some of the wildflowers that are starting to bloom. There didn't seem to be many butterflies in the butterfly garden, but the different varieties of Lantana, Fairy Dusters, and Jasmine were beautiful to see! It would be easy to spend days going through there, though we limited our visit to about 4 hours (including a beautiful lunch in the Ocotillo Cafe). We were there during the heat of the day, so we did get a bit of sun while strolling the grounds. While most people shy from the sun here (it can be deadly), we enjoyed getting a bit of color. I couldn't send Carolyn home without some sun on her cheeks!

Dean and I decided that it would be fun to have a cookout, so that Carolyn's friends (here) could have one last evening to visit with her (for this trip). We invited several of the friends over for "burgers and brats on the grill", and Dean did an excellent job grilling up the meat as well as some fresh asparagus! Dinner was great, and then we all enjoyed a fire in the chimminea once it was cooling off outside.

This morning brought a leisurely breakfast at The Egg Connection restaurant, before taking Carolyn (begrudgingly) to the airport. I made her promise to hug and kiss everyone (including the entire town of St. Charles) for me, upon her return home - and also to promise to come back to visit us again! I had a call from her this evening, letting me know she had arrived home safely and had a nice flight on the way. The time went too quickly and we are already planning where we will go on her next visit here....Tombstone?....Agua Prieta?....Puerto Penasco?....Mt. Lemmon?....San Diego?.....the list goes on!

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Shannon and Alex said...

I love this museum, as I told you on the phone! Vicki took me and MawMaw when I was about 24 and I still remember it vividly.
Tell Carolyn birds make me REALLY nervous too and we're getting chickens soon. shudder.