Thursday, March 12, 2009

Company's comin'!

I'll have to have Dean take a picture of the bathroom ceiling, in the guest bathroom, to show the effect now that it's done! The walls aren't painted, but after sanding the ceiling in there - Dean did a great job of painting it up! If I were really good, I would have picked out a wall color and painted those walls, too. I still have to sand the ceiling in our bathroom - and it will get done.

All of this is in preparation of my dear friend, Carolyn, arriving for a vist tomorrow! If any of you were coming to visit, we would do all of this for your visit too... I'm sure that Dean thinks I've been cracking the whip, getting him involved in the cleaning too. The whole place needs a good cleaning (easy to put off when we enjoy doing lots of other things instead of that), so this is a good chance to do it. Of course, I've worked the past two nights - but will make up for it today! I'm sure we'll include pictures of Carolyn in our upcoming posts She and I worked together for over 20 years before she retired a few years ago. We always refered to her as our mom's "oldest daughter" - as she was like a daughter to Mother, as well as a sister to me and my sisters. Her husband Bob was as dear to us as she is, they were "family". Bob and I used to do our laundry together on Friday mornings, using that as an excuse to go have breakfast too. He was a strong shoulder to lean on, and Carolyn has always been "the quiet voice of reason" when turned to for advice. Being away from St. Charles has meant that I have been away from my sisters - Susan and Maj, as well as my brother-in-law Jeff, and countless dear friends from work and neighbors that I love. It has also meant being away from Carolyn, who I always tend to spend more time with than any of my siblings, friends, or neighbors! It will be good to see her! She's never been to Arizona and I have promised her "Sister Wendy's Grand Tour" (of the PBS series fame). We're taking her to the Grand Canyon on Saturday, returning on Sunday. She'll only be here for 5 days, so we have to see as much of Arizona as is possible!

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