Friday, December 5, 2008

New treads...

After the flat tire on my Jeep last week (or maybe it was the week before?), I have been lulled into getting new tires. That was one of the tasks for yesterday. Not that I didn't believe that I needed them, I just didn't like having to get them! The guy that does Dean's tires is still in a bit of disbelief that I made the tires last as long as I did. They still had tread, mind you, and I'm guessing I could have squeaked a few thousand more miles out of them. As it was, they were the original tires that were put on the Jeep when it was 'born' - back in 2001. Actually, the tires had a date of 2000 on them - so they were 8 years old. Additionally, I managed to get 76,480 miles out of them I'm proud to say! They questioned Dean about the tires when he took the flat one in to be fixed (prompting him to call me at home and ask if they were the original tires). When we took the car into the tire place yesterday they questioned me about them being the originals (in a voice of disbelief). When we picked the Jeep up, a few hours later, again the guy questioned me.." these are the original tires?????" He couldn't promise me that the new ones would last me another 75,000 miles - but Dean promised that when I have to replace the tires again I can get a new Jeep (my previous answer to car maintenance....needs big stuff done? Time for a new one!). Dean, are you reading this??? You promised!! As is probably guessed, I didn't bring my camera out to Tucson with me. With Dean having great cameras, I didn't see the need. I'll have to ask him to take pictures of my new "Light Truck Uniroyals" for the blog!

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Cat KG said...

Wow you have an awesome sight!

Home from a hard day at work to veg at the computer. Silly me typed my last name to see what would appear from the search and low and behold your sight was one of them.

From one Ketelsen to another, Hello and I'll stop by from time to time to say Hi and see what is new on your cool blog!

It is amazing to find so many Ketelsens, gee and I thought my family were the only ones! I bet you thought so too : )

This was fun.
Take care
Cat Ketelsen-Gomes