Saturday, December 20, 2008

It was bound to happen....achoo!

Of course, when one member of the family has a cold or flu it tends to spread through the family. Now, instead of it being me who is sneezing and wheezing alone - Dean is joining in on the fun. He started with a bit of a sore throat a couple of days ago, sniffles yesterday, and stuffy nose this morning. He's a hale and hearty sort, hopefully he will not get too sick. I was off of work the past two nights - the NICU told me to take my bugs and go home. I'm much improved today and plan to return to work tonight. Dean is planning an observing/astrophotography session tonight, he should be able to still do that. He may have some pretty pictures to put on here in the next day or so!

The Christmas cards are coming and going on a daily basis here - as I'm sure they are at your home too! Every day we receive a card from someone we didn't have the address for, so we are continuing to send out cards daily. If you don't receive a card from us then it is probably because we don't have your address, but we wish you happy holidays all the same!

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