Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hump Day (Wednesday...get it? The middle of the week...)

Of course, this cartoon just fits in perfectly with the most recent posts of Dean! I like to think of this as what Starizona (the local favorite astronomy shop) was like - many, many, many years ago! This has been an interesting work week for me. I am finally, after a month, going through the general hospital orientation as well as the nursing department orientation. Hmmm, maybe it would have been good to go through these classes a month ago when I was first hired?? Better late than never is the motto here, I think! I am getting a lot out of the classes, I'll admit that. They're long days of sitting in a classroom, to be sure, but are full of valuable information. Our instructor is a 'ball of fire' Nurse who reallly makes learning fun. She always has an entertaining story to drive home the point, and who's wealth of experience is only rivaled by her sense of humor! One of the added bonuses of going through the orientation is getting to meet the other new hires to the hospital. There are, roughly, 30 people in my class - with only one other person who is new to the NICU. The rest are going to be working all over the hospital - ICU's, ER, Peds, the Cancer Center, and various Med-Surg floors. No one is a new graduate in this class, so the wealth of experience represented is staggering! It's a good group! While it's a long established fact that more and more men are joining the nursing field, I have only had the opportunity to work with one male over the past 30 years. I now have several male co-workers, and our orientation class is about half men. Since I've been doing these classes this week, that means getting up early every morning..... For those of you who know me, you know that I'm really not much of a morning person. I can fake it for a couple of days, but overall, it's torture! Since I'm having to get up early I've been trying to go to bed early. Every night it's been a little earlier, by tomorrow night I should be turning in about 7pm! With that in mind, I think I'm going to spend a little time watching TV with Dean, and then turn in.....

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