Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nearly ready...

What a busy Christmas season this has been! Every day seems to be going quicker and quicker, with more and more to do! I have to admit, I think I have my shopping done. I know that Dean is still working on his. We managed to get the packages sent that needed to be sent, and our stack of received gifts is too large. One of my favorite things at Christmas is opening Christmas cards, and we've gotten a bunch of them this year! It's rare to get a hand written note from anyone, at any time other than Christmas, anymore. I think that's what makes each one so special. Someone sat, thought, and decided to write out a card to us - and put it in the mail. There's a lot of love in that action!
This year, as well as many before, I am working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. While most of the world is off of work celebrating with their families and friends, Nurses, Doctors, all hospital staff, Policemen, Firemen, and countless others around the world are going about their jobs as usual. It bothered me the first time or two that I had to work the holiday, but it doesn't anymore. Our patients don't want to be in the hospital (in my case, the parents of our patients don't want their babies to be in the NICU) - but there they are. As long as there are people there needing care (as well as people starving, or without jobs), then I can't complain about having to work. The years when I have the holiday off I appreciate, but I also appreciate being the first one to wish a tiny little baby "Merry First Christmas!!" Christmas is a time when we should all still have a bit of childlike wonderment and awe about us. Hopefully you haven't lost yours and you can appreciate what a joyous and beautiful season this is! I'm sure we'll add more to this blog before Christmas, but in case we don't.......enjoy this Christmas wish from Dean and I both!

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