Wednesday, April 8, 2015

More Medical Stuff...

Way back last fall (the day after Labor Day), Melinda blacked out and fell, hurting her back. After waiting a long time to see an evidently popular orthopedic doctor, he recommended a Balloon Kyphoplasty, which supposedly gives near-immediate relief to her chronic back pain. Subsequent head CT scans showed a subdural hematoma, which needed to go down on its own before the orthopedic surgeon would do any procedure, which it has. So finally today we had a follow-up appointment with him, and now we're proceeding at the speed of light! She has a new MRI of the injured spine area (T-12) tomorrow, another appointment with the surgeon Friday, and surgery on Monday! Oh yea, and she has to be off her blood thinners, so is transitioning to Lovenox tonight to relieve her clotting issues... She'll likely get a general anesthetic, recover for an hour or two, and get sent home with no pain, according to the doctor. She is a little nervous, but looking forward to some relief from the chronic pain she has had for 7 months!

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Agnes Lawson said...

Remember when I hurt my back some few years ago. Kyphoplasty, which is done in either a hospital or an outpatient clinic was performed on me.

Kyphoplasty is usually used in the treatment of painfully compressed fractures found in the spine. All or part of the spin bone often collapses in a compression fracture. One of the best things about using this process is that you will always go home the same day surgery is conducted.

Agnes Lawson @ Pain Relief Experts