Wednesday, April 8, 2015


With our nice weather lately, the cats who normally don't crowd around us in bed are staying out in the yard more and more.  And even Lucy, our youngest, who normally joins the sleep-in at some point, has been staying out late.  But never to miss a meal, she wasn't to be found this morning, so the search has officially begun.  I found a hole in the back yard fence, but it was well-hidden and hard to get to, so not sure if that is where she got out.  She isn't exactly svelte, so she can't get over the "cat proof" fence like our newer athletic ferals, so it is still a mystery where she might have gone.  Melinda had the incredible shot of her at left, and I used it to make a few fliers to post at the cul de sac's mailbox, and a few other places around the neighborhood. 

We've lost other cats without a trace - years ago Hopper disappeared, and just a couple years ago Atticus similarly vanished.  Given the ferals come and go for years indicate is isn't particularly a dangerous neighborhood.  We've had hawks eyeing the backyard from a nearby utility pole, but no evidence of a snatch of that sort.  We've just hoping that Lucy, who hasn't been far from the safety of the yard, is just lost and looking for her way home.  I've been going out every couple hours, talking to the neighbors and looking for hiding places, now searching for glowing eyes at night with a flashlight.  Fingers crossed she'll turn up!

UPDATE:  Lucy was waiting at the back door to the yard this morning!  Forensic analysis showed she pulled down my blockage of the hole in the back fence to get back in, as it is now covered with orange fur.  A more permanent repair of the hole coming later today after medical stuff.  We're glad the lil' delinquent is back home!

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