Monday, April 6, 2015

Easy To Please!

Some of you might not know that we have cats - 8 of them... Most are getting a little older, we've lost 2 recently that were over 15 years old. Some of the newer ferals that are slowly moving in are likely younger, but coming off the street, they are not as playful as carefree kittens you often see. Still, we are reminded of how easily pleased some of our cats are - even the older ones.

Melinda's birthday was a few weeks ago, and she got something in the mail, in a smallish box. I didn't think much of it, but left it out and sure enough, in an hour it was full of cat! And this is Hannah at left, our current oldest at 15 years old! Another day later and Mia at 11 years old was found in it. So far those are the only two expressing interest in it, let alone climb in.... Christmas Day is really fun, as bags and ribbons are involved too!

Our couple-year-old microwave inexplicably died over the weekend, so I ran off to get another this afternoon. BIG BOX, and Mia watched carefully as we opened and emptied it, waiting patiently for her turn. Of course, this one had a little hand hold too and it didn't take but a poke of my finger to get her wound up, sticking her own paw through to "get me" back.

I guess we're not pet owners that invest in toys. Other than the loose ink pens that Lucy chases under the furniture, these are mostly deprived of excitement. They do get to run in the back yard safely, so they get that entertainment, including the occasional bird, lizard and bunny. It is reassuring somehow that a simple box can keep them entertained too...

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