Monday, December 31, 2012

Year End Review!

I'm taking a page from our friend Andrew Cooper and writing a year end review of my favorite photos and events from the last year!  It seems somehow appropriate that our 100 post of the year be on New Year's Eve, and review the highlights of 2012.  For details, go to our blog post from that date.  So here we go!
Jan 3: Night flash pic of Whitewater Cranes looks has x-ray appearance.

Jan 13 : Public program on Kitt Peak w/Zodiacl light, Moon and Venus


Jan 29 : 4 panel panorama ofTucson lights and Kitt Peak


Feb 5: Stereo Pair of Moon and Oak (cross-eyed view).


Feb 26 : Post public observing session w/20" on Kitt Peak.

Mar 13: Stereo view cactus flower Organ Pipe Monument (cross-eyed view).


Apr 21: Gambel's Quail proclaiming territory!

May 6: Blackhawk Helicopter transiting Supermoon!

May 13: Milky Way rises over TAAA Star-B-Que on Kitt Peak

May 13: 30m telephoto shot of Antares region at Star-B-Que.\

May 21: Melinda caught F-18 on sun before Grand Canyon Solar Eclipse.

June 9: Blythe (glasses, pointing) leads sunset talk at Kitt Peak.

Aug 13: Me on RAGBRAI, enjoying pork chop on a stick!

Aug 15: Automated sequence captures Hannah and Sphinx moth!

Aug 17: Great niece Alivia's 6th birthday!

Sep 8:  Dave Harvey's Passing - my absolute favorite of his Venus Transit.

Sep 14: Violet and green banded airglow display from Shooting Star Inn, Flagstaff.


Sep 17: Russians!  The View from "A" Mountain.

Sep 19: Group shot at Kitt Peak McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope.

Sep 20: More Russians - Maya enjoys her Kinnect game.

Sep 22: Russians in western wear at Tucson Mall.

Sep 24: Russians at Meteor Crater.

Sep 25: Russians Chillin' at Canyon.


Oct 15: Illinois fall colors.

Oct 30: Hawaii w/in laws and Pele!


Nov 1: West coast of Big Island by Moonlight looking SSW.

Nov 9: The Girls at the lava flow at base of Mauna Kea.

Nov 1: Andrew Cooper allows a peek at Keck spare mirror segments.

Nov 14: More Hawaii - Gold dust day gecko in native environment.

Dec 4: Europa's crescent shadow crosses Jupiter at opposition.

Dec 29: Lucy, aka Lucifur, aka Lulu in closeup.


Andrew Cooper said...

Wait!?! You can't do that. I have to copyright for that 'end of year' roundup idea!

Dean said...

Hi Andrew- You will note I credited you with the idea in the first line! And yes, it was a great idea, just what I needed for our 100th post of the year! -Dean