Sunday, December 2, 2012

Something New, Different!

The Internet is a fun place, but it suffers from sort of a "sameness" when it comes to astronomy blogs.  I'm always searching for something that will draw me back time and again.  So it is always fun to find something new, my favorite this week is Astropixie, an astronomy and life interests blog from Australia.  She posts often and reading through the archives is a lot of fun - go check her out!  next time we update the "blogs we read" I'll be sure to get her up on those links.

One of the little links I found on an older post of hers was interesting - it brought to mind the link I found of Einstein at his blackboard where he would write whatever you wanted.  What, you don't remember that blog post?  Well, here it is in the original idea I had at the time - we put it on business cards once and passed them out whenever anyone wanted our e-mail or links to our blog when we set up at public events.  We've long run out of them, but would be fun to do it again - and yes, you can have "Uncle" Albert do your bidding by going to the website link on the image - and a variety of other images as well if you prefer...
Anyway, yes, the new link I saw - it is one where the message is written out by galaxy shapes!  The link, to My Galaxies, is written by Steven Bamford.  I believe he uses the Sloan Digital Sky Survey as source for galaxy images to use, and his routine allows you to try different images if the letters aren't clear enough for you, but it is kind of fun.  At left is one version of our blog address.  The website even identifies the galaxies used for the letters!  How often can you write someones name across the night sky - definitely something new and different!

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wowsers gadget.... very cool