Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Couple Beautiful Blondes!

With the year winding down, I was looking for blog topics and they were right in front of me - kitties!  And it seems appropriate because we've had Lucy now for exactly a year!  She came to us as a kitten from our vet.  Seems she wasn't getting along with her adult cats, so asked us if we would take her.  At left is a picture of her then - sitting forlornly in her dog crate as everyone got used to having her around.  We blogged about her then, and likely a time or two since.

She has always been a bit of a problem child - litterbox issues (6" away is close enough for her!), and while she wants to play with the other cats, they often don't take to her jumping on them kindly!  But she has the most beautiful eyes - sort of a copper glow with a hint of greenish central part.  And her head tilt, from what we suspect is a little brain damage, makes her so cute you can't stay mad at her long.  And with all the food here she has puffed out enormously!  She isn't a little kitten any more!  I happened to get these current photos of her from the top of the sofa as something outside caught her eye.  She was distracted enough that I could zoom in for some closeups of her beautiful eyes...
A few minutes later Lucy ran off, and was replaced by YellowCat.  He is a former feral, who has been living in the house now 2.5 years.  He lived out in front of the house for some time eating the food we supply there.  He always has such a worried look on his face - look at the old photo of him at left - always with the frown.  You still see it occasionally, but he is a real glutton for attention and more often than not he'll join you on the couch to watch TV with you.  We wrote a classic blog post back then about introducing an FIV+ feline (kitty Aids, which YellowCat has) into the household.  It seems a week doesn't pass when someone finds that post from a google search, often leaving comments. 
I couldn't decide which of the two head shots I liked best, so include both.  He is the nicest cat - will start head-butting you if you are not paying enough attention to him, or if he wants more after you've stopped.  And he has the prettiest grey-green eyes...  And after his successful integration into our household (read the link above) he is just the friendliest cat (though still looks worried sometimes) and seems to get along with everybody.  What more could you ask?!

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