Sunday, October 28, 2012

Still Here...

It might not have made the news where you are, but when the Tsunami Warning hit Hawaii this evening, it got everyones attention!  We were in a local restaurant when the TVs that had been showing college football highlights, suddenly showed the notice of an earthquake off BC, Canada and an associated Tsunami for all of Hawaii.  Returning  to the hotel 30 minutes later, we found that the ground floor had been evacuated to higher floors, but we were ok on the 2nd.  We retired to our room and watched the coverage on TV - appropriately enough, it was all that was on.  Officials indicated a 5 foot surge was expected, hitting the island at 10:28 local time.  Suddenly, we were in the evac zone, and we had 20 minutes to move to the far side of the hotel on the 4th floor!  After carefully unpacking and moving in to the dressers and closets, we repacked in 5 minutes flat and made the move.  Here we are 30 minutes after the expected arrival, and the live TV reports are filling the air time admirably well for what has so far been a non-event.  Evidently 18 months ago when the Japanese tsunami hit (another 5 foot event), there was a lot of shoreline damage, so most are following evacuation orders, though the TV cameras are showing people at the beach awaiting "an event" of some sort.

Meanwhile, we had a long day and are about to collapse (more in a future post).  Meanwhile, our boat trip and snorkel day tomorrow is in jeopardy with tonight's events.  But at this point, we're safe and paying attention to something we've not been through before!

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