Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Blogs to Read!

Some of you may not know it, but down the right side of our blog a page or two, there is a list of links to blogs we find interesting or unique.  Some are about astronomy, some have interesting writers, some have interesting photography.  In the last few days I've discovered a couple gems that are certainly deserving of our attention.  I don't spend a lot of time exploring the InterWeb, and I can't say how I find these, but here they are!

This first one is called "Humans of New York".  Brandon Stanton is a street photographer in New York City.  I happened to have the Today show on yesterday morning, and Brandon was on as support for a young woman overcoming body image issues.  He had only reposted a self-portrait she had taken, but with his wider net, she became famous and he was invited along on the show.  So in short, he was sort of an innocent bystander, but in the meantime, I discovered him.  His blog is amazing, the pictures and words bring up a wide range of emotions, and it is easy to spend a couple hours exploring his range of work.  The video shown at left shows his work and his techniques in humanizing the diversity of this urban population.  In addition to the images, he also has a writer's command of language in describing his encounters, including a "Stories" section where he essays at length about the characters he meets.  Do check it out.

The other new arrival is "Ranger Kathryn's Arches", and if I had to describe it in a phrase, it would  be the opposite of the above blog.  Kathryn is a newbie park ranger at Arches National Park after previous careers as teacher, midwife, massage therapist and home school teacher.  She writes with an artist's soul about the stark beauty of what has so far been 2 years in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.  It is a guilty pleasure to follow by her side as she explores and falls in love with a little-seen part of the American West.  Her season is winding down, but I'm hoping the blog continues for a long time!
So scroll down, check out the new entries, and if you've not been keeping up with our other blogs of interest, check them out too.  And, of course, if you have blogs to pass along, let us know!

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