Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Hawaiian Tradition

Turn on the TV in your hotel room and it always comes on to the Hawaii tourist channel, which advertises various activities you can do on the island.  It always shows iconic clips of Hawaii, and among these is shown native islanders fishing with throw nets.  This morning, while exploring tidal pools near the hotel, I got to watch a trio of locals fishing with a net.  It was interesting to observe him stalking fish by peeking over the edges of the tidal pool to remain hidden as long as possible, then throw the net correctly so weights at the periphery spin out spreading the net to cover as large an area as possible, catching several fish at a time. 

Of the three, one evidently had experience, one's job was to carry the bucket, and  the other was a kid who was just tagging along.  The guy was pretty successful, they caught 4 good-sized Orange Spine Unicornfish pretty quickly, then the local supply dried up and of the 2 adults, the experienced one gave throwing instructions to the other.  After showing how to wrap and hold the net, the student made a couple practice throws about the time we headed back poolside for some lunch.  It was cool watching skills that had been passed down through the generations...

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