Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Yes, the computer is back from the shop, backup files successfully loaded, and I'm slowly getting software reinstalled.  So mostly things are back in operation, though I still don't understand why it was necessary to reformat the disk...  Oh well, I'm glad things are back to "normal".

Years ago we had a groundhog that lived under the building adjacent to our place in Illinois.  We affectionately called him Bruce, and posted about him several times.  One of the groundhogs died, and another that took his place was the subject of a capture attempt.  In any case, we've been over a year since we've seen a groundhog near the place.

Well this last trip, Melinda caught a glimpse of him near his old haunt.  The next morning, we caught a blur of motion out the door, and sure enough, some version of Bruce slowly emerged from under our storage shed, turned and kissed a little angel statue we've got, and seemingly ignored us taking his picture through the glass of our kitchen door from a distance of 20 feet or so.  While we know that they can do some damage to structures, thus the attempt to capture the one in the camp, we'd love it if he took up residence under our shed.  It is always fun to have a friendly face around the place!