Wednesday, April 11, 2012

System(s) Recovery!

We've spent the last 8 days in the Midwest enjoying a spectacular Spring.  While there my computer (which I use for posting on the blog, as well as organizing images) decided it didn't want to run Windows anymore.  I managed to save a backup while in safe mode, but I've been unable to reload the sizable chunk of images after reformatting the disk.  So while getting the computer restored, and getting caught up on hours on my two jobs, it might be another week till we get a post - good thing we're well-rested!  Eventually we'll have a bunch to bring you up to speed...


Astroweis said...

Hi Melinda and Dean!

Wishing you success in convincing your computer to work again.
Do very well know what it means when they decide to refuse work.


David A. Harvey said...

I hate computers (and telescopes . . .)