Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bruce(?) Lives!

We often see and blog about Bruce - our resident groundhog living under the building next to us. It was always fun to see a friendly face, though we never fed or approached other than to take a photo. Though we feared for his demise - Maj had seen a dead groundhog on the lane here over the winter, and our last trip there was an intense effort at the camp to trap yet another groundhog that had taken up residence in his burrow. A pic I took indicated the "new one" was different, and it seemed smaller with much better eyesight than "old Bruce (shown at left). Whether it was a mate or offspring, we didn't know...

So with the trapping effort (to relocate, so far as we knew), I hadn't seen him this trip, nor have I even been looking for him. So it was a shock this morning, when on a trip to the car, I saw a blur of brown running back to the burrow. It appears to be the "new Bruce" ! He doesn't look in the best of shape, with uneven fur, but it was a nice surprise to see a familiar shape, if not face in the yard.

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