Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland???

We're taking our holiday break away from the desert, leaving house and cats in the hands of our trusted sitter, to visit family and friends in the Midwest. Rather than fight crowds during the holidays, we've found it easier (and less expensive) to travel during the off-peak times between the holidays. So after leaving the Tucson high temperatures near 80F, we find ourselves in 6-8 inches of snow with highs in the 20s and 30s!

I must say it has been rather enjoyable, I've kept up with daily walks till today, going out for an hour or two at a time slogging through the woods and roads. It is a comfort, though, knowing that in a few days time we'll be back in the sun-soaked upper 70s again. I'm not sure we could survive the nearly 6 months of winter they've got here, though it is great coming back for visits! Meanwhile, I've snapped a few photos along my journeys, showing the snow and ice. I've spotted lots of deer tracks (white tail are common here), though I've yet to spot the real thing. We imagine they peer in the windows at us at night, but we never see them when we peek back. The ole' steel toed hiking boots have been great keeping my feet comfy in the walks through the woods, and it is obvious from the tracks that there are humans doing the same thing, but I've yet to run across any. Temps have nosedived today, and with up to 30mph winds and near blizzard conditions, I've not ventured out today. We're contemplating a trip to Iowa to visit my side of the family - we're at least starting out and seeing how bad the roads are. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures, and we hope you are all cozy, wherever you are!

UPDATE: We left for Iowa, but it took nearly an hour to go 25 miles with the blowing snow, whiteout conditions, and snowpacked roads. So we turned around and gave up the idea to see the Ketelsen clan this trip. We're now hunkered down enjoying our cable TV the rest of the weekend...

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Anthony Vodraska and Anita Gilbert said...

All the roads in NW Iowa were closed on Saturday with winds of 30 - 40 mph (Spirit Lake clocking a gust at 63 mph) producing ridiculously cold wind chills. I hope we can see the Geminid meteor shower tomorrow night but I don't think I will be outdoors too much.