Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow! In Tucson!

Well, very near Tucson, anyway! Just up the hill a little bit towards Mount Lemmon, the mountain range has a winter frosting of white. While we suspected as much with the rain overnight the mountains were shrouded in clouds and fog through the morning. It wasn't until we came out of the movies this afternoon (we saw "The King's Speech" - an excellent flick, and my favorite going into Oscar Season!) that we saw a clear view of the hills and grabbed a couple frames from the top of Alvernon Avenue.

It is interesting that since I blogged about the rain on my birthday 2 weeks ago, it has rained for 3 straight Thursdays! I also noted in that post that the weather patterns suggest a dry winter for the desert southwest! Now note that the total rainfall for the month of December is only .46", but still, the rainy Thursday is something I could get used to, especially if we could always arrange to get nice sunny weekends. With the clearing storm, cold air is moving in - it is already at freezing here at 10pm, with low temps tonight expected in the low 20s (F). Interestingly, it is about the same highs and lows they are currently getting in Chicago today and tomorrow! Rare for us!

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Anthony Vodraska and Anita Gilbert said...

A touch of the Midwest visiting the Southwest or in this instance, I believe you are sending it our way! Best wishes in the New Year and keep those posts coming.