Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birthday Present for a Desert Rat!

Yes, today is my birthday. What could a guy possibly look forward to, living in the desert where rainfall barely averages 12" in a year? Well rain showers, of course! And while not exactly on my wish list, it did rain today, nearly 2 months since we got our last measurable amount (.07") on 21 October. The extended forecasts point out that the La Nina weathern pattern is in position, leading to higher temperatures and less precipitation than normal. Unlike last Winter where it rained weekly through the season, expectations should be lessened into Spring and Summer. Good news, I guess, for amateur astronomers - less rain means clearer skies perhaps, but sometimes a good rain seems the perfect prescription for clearing the air and setting the world straight again.


David A. Harvey said...

Happy B-day Dean!

Astroweis said...

Happy Birthday, Dean!

Anthony Vodraska and Anita Gilbert said...

Happy Birthday Dean and many thanks for your posts over the past year. I hope you get some nice shots of the Winter Solstice lunar eclipse to share with us. I expect cloud cover here in NW Iowa. Best wishes for the New Year.