Wednesday, May 5, 2010

YellowCat update...

We had thought that we had "it all planned out", and we were sort of right ...kinda ...sorta. Dean took YellowCat to see Dr. D (our Vet) yesterday morning, where he did spend the day. However, YellowCat has an upper respiratory infection. That would make it too great of a risk when thinking of giving him general anesthesia for surgery. She did a quick check (no labs though) and said "No surgery yet", and sent him home with a week of antibiotics. We wish she had done some labs on him, as Dean suffered a couple of nasty bites on his hand when trying to wrestle him into the cat carrier yesterday morning. He washed his hand well, with antibacterial soap, but by the time he came home from work (and from picking YellowCat up) his hand was significantly swollen, red, and painful. 'Nuf said! After a quick call to the human doctor's office he was put on antibiotics three times a day for the next week. Today, Dean's hand is already showing signs of improvement - less swollen and painful, though still somewhat swollen and red - and still warm to the touch. YellowCat is also showing signs of improvement from his antibiotics (easily disguised in his cat food). He sounds less congested and his eye isn't as weepy. YellowCat has multiple cuts around the base of his right ear, one that appears like a puncture wound or bite mark. He has let me wipe his head, gently, with a damp wash cloth - cleaning away old blood and dirt. He's 'jonesing' to get out and on the prowl again, tonight. There's been lots of crying and yowling going on. Sorry Charlie - not tonight!
( I took this picture just now, with my camera phone...thus the bit of a blur).

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