Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Little Home Improvement!

Even when we are visiting for a few days, like on this trip, we still make some improvements in our lil' "House in the Woods"! Actually, most of the improvements are due to sister Maj, who spends a great deal of her spare time working on projects. She is a tireless model for us all - I wish I had her energy!

Shown at left is an early stage of the hallway foyer project to a little-used entry door 2 months ago. Melinda had already wired new switches for external and internal lights, and Maj had finished tearing out the old acoustic tile, installed insulation and applying the bead board ceiling. On that trip we did drywall to cover the old external wall of the house, and ripped out part of the carpet to replace it with stained pine planking near the external door. Since that visit, Maj primed, painted, installed the flooring and built the cupboard with door around the electrical fuse box. We returned just in time to do a little trim work and paint touch up as it is being declared complete.

As if this were not enough, Maj has also been making improvements in the bathroom, which also looks incredible (though we don't have "before" pics for comparison). We're getting down to the only major projects left is the kitchen ceiling, the current guest bedroom, and someday soon, an external paint job. One day we envision coming here and not using tools!

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