Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another One Off the Street

It looks like the Ketelsen Feline Shelter has another inductee. YellowCat has appeared in a previous post, and while healthy then and coming by daily for food, has come by less and less and in recent months has had various abrasions from fights and other health issues. It had been our intent to bring him in and fixed up (neutering, shots, vet exam, quarantine), but he really hasn't been seen much the last few months.

A few days ago we got "his room" ready - the spare bathroom, with litter box, food and a "cave" to hide out. Last night, he finally made an appearance, and with his head in a bowl of canned food, I grabbed both and whisked him into his room, dropped him off and let him explore and cry for a while before I returned and chatted him up. He seems happier today, relieved to have a ready supply of food and water. We'd already scheduled a surgery for Tuesday for the full workup (how is that for planning, assuming that we would be able to catch him over the weekend...), so we just wait now.

He is looking pretty rough right now - an eye discharge, scab under his right ear, and abrasions on his head. The "before" picture is from the above post a year ago, and would be a good goal to return him after the vet sees to him and gets introduced to the rest of the family. Poor Hootie II, is the only feral left out front... We suspect it was him exerting his territorial dominance out front that was driving YellowCat away, so hopefully the neighborhood dynamic will now be restored. In the meantime, 9 boys and 2 girls!
Addendum: 5/4/10 - YellowCat is at the Vet's right now. We haven't heard any news yet, but we're hoping that he will be healthier than he appears. Also, just a little correction to the tally...this will make 8 boys and 3 girls [Mia is such a 'tomboy' that it's easy to forget that she's a girl!].

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Anonymous said...

This is Donna's mom, Shirley. I've been introduced to all your fur children thru Donna, and admire you so much for what you're doing for our furry friends. Enjoy your site very much and hopefully, will meet you this summer. Let's pray things go well.