Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring blossoms in the desert

The one aspect of our recent trip to Mexico that Dean didn't touch on, in his entries to the blog, was the Spring bloom that we witnessed in the desert. Even though I have been in Arizona long enough to have seen the wildflowers blooming, I actually hadn't gotten to see them until this year. The desert wildflowers typically bloom in late February or early March. This year we had significant amounts of rain during February and the beginning of March (as well as a little cooler than usual temperatures). As a result, the wildflower bloom was delayed until the beginning of April - which was great luck for us!

We stopped at spot west of Kitt Peak to take some pictures, where we had a safe pull off of the road. The bright colors of the poppies are spectacular against the usual brown of the earth. The trees were starting to get their leaves, as well! I've been missing the Spring bloom of the upper Mid-West (hearing from my sisters about the Daffodils and "Blue Cindy's" that are bursting out everywhere). It was nice to see the bright colors and know that even the desert has a season of new life!

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