Saturday, April 24, 2010

More 3-D pics

These are the last of our pictures from our Rocky Point, Mexico trip last weekend. Our walk along the beach at low tide found us collecting a multitude of shell designs. We had to be sure the ones we picked up were unoccupied as many of them, especially the ones perched atop rocks were inhabited by hermit crabs! They were pretty shy, but they eventually revealed themselves for a picture.

We did find a pretty wide variety that were unoccupied, only a few of which are shown in this handful. Again, refer back a post or two about hints to view the stereo pairs. You need to cross your eyes to see the 3-D effect. Some people have good luck with the thumbnails, but if you don't get too close to the computer screen, you should be able to click on them for the full-size images. I'm trying to stay away from horizontal format images, which would require crossing your eyes more. It seems easier on the vertical format pairs...

The rest of these pairs were taken on the return trip to Tucson at a "pit stop" at organ Pipe National Monument. There is a nature trail we followed for a couple hundred yards. Many cacti were in bloom or soon to be, so 3-D opportunities abounded. First up is this Hedgehog Cactus. Normally an early Spring bloomer, you an see this is the last blossom in full flower.

I love the form of the Cholla Cactus skeleton, which gives the living plant it's strength. It was a natural to try to record it. Included are both the nearly full horizontal frame and a crop of a vertical format version to make it easier to merge the images. Be sure to give feedback which you prefer, but I suspect the closeup crop is better.

Prickly Pear is busting out in bloom all over, though these weren't quite out yet last weekend. Still a great stereo subject. Again, a nearly full frame and a closeup crop. I think the blowup is my new favorite - I like the little explosions of little spines visible in the close shot.

Here is the namesake of the Monument, or at least the top business end of an Organ Cactus. What caught my eye was that the top of the cactus had many blossoms of the background Ocotillo impaled on the spines. This pair is a closeup and an even-bigger-closeup of the red Ocotillo blossoms.

Another quick road trip tomorrow and Monday - a report from the road if we have Internet access...


Susan said...

still crossing my eyes, but it doesn't look 3D to me. I just see 4 of the pictures.

David A. Harvey said...

Cool stuff Dean!