Thursday, April 8, 2010

Funny How Things Work Out!

Well so far, in three posts about Rocky Point, we've neglected to mention the major earthquake we went through! The northern edge of the Sea of Cortez, where we were located, was only about 120 miles from the epicenter near Mexicali. I've never been through an earthquake before, and while the epicenter strength was 7.3, it was, of course less where we were. I'm guessing we were in the low 5s, but I'm not sure. It really did shake us though, for seemingly a long time, perhaps detectable for a couple minutes, though weaker towards the end... Melinda was coming out of the shower and had a difficult time standing. Margie, Rick, Linda and I were sitting on the second floor and observed it all in comfort. It never shook so bad we felt in danger, I was just amazed to witness one. Actually, we might have witnessed one a couple months ago when we took Carolyn to San Diego. There was a time when we thought the car was being buffeted by a strong wind - that was about the time Southern Cal got an earthquake, though we didn't know about it till afterwards...

Anyway, shortly after the earthquake, Margie's neighbor to the east was taking a look around his house. While chatting with him, Melinda asked if we could take some pictures of some of his mosaics that we had admired all weekend. He invited us to come over for a full tour of which we took advantage.

There we met Al and Dee - it was their son Jimmy that we had met. Their home there is amazing - not only with the exterior tile mosaics, but every room in the house is decorated with similar mosaics and ironwood statuary. Al is a home builder in Arizona and his Rocky Point home was one, of not the first house built in the area. It was a small bungalow when they obtained it, but in several remodelling cycles, is now huge - it can sleep the entire extended family (19!). But it is the artwork and design features that make the house so beautiful! Taking advantage of local artisans, and with Al's direction the tile mosaics and carvings were completed. They are justifiably proud of their home, and I hope the pictures do justice to the place. It was great to see the interior, and we thank them for the chance!

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