Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Return To Arizona Starts...

After some packing, organizing and cleanup of the house in St Charles, Illinois, it was with some sadness that I headed west towards Iowa in the trusty van. Today's plan was to join family in DeWitt, Iowa for a combination farewell (mine), and early birthday parties(for Stepmom Diane and Uncle John). The "event" was held at brother Jim's house - always the most popular sibling in summer with the pool in the back yard. He installs pools and spas for a living, so his place is a real showcase of what can be done, even in the short summers of the Midwest. The 2 comparison shots are taken from near the same spot in standard color, and with the IR-modified camera showing the darkened sky, light foliage, and dark water of the longer wavelengths being used.

The star of the show was little Alivia, who turns 3 years old in less than 2 weeks. She was quite the social jabberbox. She is shown here during consumption of "Snickerdoodles" (sort of a chocolate-frosted peanut buttery Rice Krispy bar), and after cleanup. As you can surmise, she is not camera-shy at all, similar to most of my nieces and nephews around their camera-toting Uncle Dean.

Also similar to our family functions where at least 4 of the brothers and sisters are present, a group shot was taken. Missing is little sister Sheri, who arrives in a couple weeks after I'm back in Tucson (and who I visit in a few days!). Shown from the back left is me, Brian and Jim, with Kathy and Linda in front (also in order of age from left-to-right in case anyone wondered). With Melinda and me splitting our time between Tucson and Chicago, and Sheri's family now living in San Antonio, TX, at least I'm not the only one preventing a full reunion any more!

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