Friday, July 10, 2009

More Homework!

Melinda missed out on all the fun today! Maj and I (and Jack the wonder dog)attacked the "scary" room for really the first time. The scary room really isn't that scary, but it is called that because at some point in the past, there were major roof leaks and there was resultant floor rot - resulting in a bouncy floor. At some point the floor was replaced with particle board, but the bounciness remains, so one of the next steps is to remove the floor and see what sort of joists remain. Regardless, there will need to be some reinforcing work done.

I mentioned in our last post that we are moving the wall in our guest room enlarging it a bit to become the master bedroom. The "scary" room will become a little smaller, and really, just become a walk-in storage room. To facilitate the wall move, Maj and I removed the beadboard from the ceiling, the wall that is shifting, and also removed it back to the new wall position. With the previous roof damage, there was a lot of crap falling down as we pulled off beadboard, and we both looked a mess by the time we finished. We cleaned up before the picture taking, so you get no sense of the mess we made. We actually tried to keep up with it as we made it so it didn't get tracked into the house so much, and we mostly succeeded.

Since the wall about to be moved was at one time an exterior wall, a door exiting to the porch was actually boarded up, but is now open again! In the vertical format shot, Maj is examining the roof around the chimney where she assumes the roof leaks were originally located. The wood is soft there, but while we worked today, there was some steady rain, nothing got into the house, though.

When Maj's carpenter is available, they will remove the floor, reinforce floor joists as needed and replace floor, jack up some dips in the roof and reinforce any damage from the old leaks, take down the old wall and move it to it's new position. If we are lucky, it might be done in a day - we'll see! Otherwise, most of the work of insulating, wiring, reinstalling beadboard and general finish work will wait till our return for another "vacation".

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