Saturday, July 4, 2009

More Blast From The Past Stuff!

After yesterday's post about the family '50s roadtrip and the folks' wedding, more information came out of the woodwork! Some of our family got together in Iowa today for my sister Kathy's birthday (4 July you know!). Well she and my sister Linda had some pictures from way back, including the official portrait from the afore-mentioned 28 February, 1953 wedding of my Mom and my Dad, still in the US Army's basic training at Camp Roberts in CA. This, of course, had been on our wall at home for many years or decades, and was well known to me.

Interestingly, on the back of the original were the original instructions for the colors of the clothes they were wearing, even eye color and jewelry - back in "the olden days" the pictures were taken in black and white, then hand tinted or colored to reflect actual colors. That was easier than taking and processing color film images. In fact, my high school graduation picture was done that way in the early '70s!

These other images, though were unknown to me. It shows my Mom and Dad before the wedding - the left one a bit of a mystery - he is wearing what looks to be camouflage pants, but perhaps a letterman's jacket. It might have been while he was in the army, but he looks considerably younger than in the wedding photo above, so might still have been in high school. I didn't think camouflage clothing was available in 1950 or so... The pic on the right shows Dad in what was purported to be his favorite car - evidently a real "Babe Magnet" from the collection of females around it, all fashionably dressed in rolled up jeans and saddle shoes. My future Mom is second from left. I had certainly seen photos of them as kids, but never together as a couple before the wedding, so it was a fun discovery!

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