Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Test Shots...

Melinda posted about the new camera that we got over Memorial Day at RTMC, and fortunately, I called it an anniversary present to justify it. Well, yesterday she surprised me with my gift - a brand spanking new Canon 100mm macro lens! And yet to come is a set of extension tubes to aid in my newly found hobby of imaging the tiny world. I didn't get home till about sunset tonight, but I was eager to see what it would do. Fortunately, there is an unusual cactus in neighbor Susan's yard with pretty white flowers, so in the fading light I grabbed a couple exposures. And in the other direction, neighbor Audrey has a beautiful bush of Mexican Bird of Paradise that I shot too. Unfortunately, the f-stop was nearly wide open with longish exposures, so had to settle for limited depth of field, but it looks like the lens will be lots of fun. I've got Nikon macro lenses that will work through an adaptor, but focus is always a gamble with the stopped down lens, even with Canon's Live View. The new lens' autofocus will be great! Oh, and did I mention it will also work great on Melinda's new camera!

Melinda also gave an update on Scruffy - it has been 2+ weeks now since his neutering and shave job. Jason finally got his quarantine bathroom back, but Scruffy really doesn't like the dog crate he is currently inhabiting in our living room. He gets to roam when everyone else is out of the house to get used to the new surroundings. I think he likes it here, especially the steady diet, and our other cats are mostly ignoring him, but Scruffy gets pretty hissy and defensive when others are around. We're hoping he calms down quickly as we are traveling over the weekend!

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